26 Aug

I sort of procrastinated this morning’s run. I was up at 5am but didn’t head out the door until 5:40. I’ve been putting off running in the dark. I still need to go buy reflective gear and a headlamp. However, once upon a time I owned a headlamp and I just can’t imagine that running in one would be comfortable.

I took the first mile easy. My first mile marker is the corner of Hidden Valley Rd and Strathmore Dr into a neighborhood. As I rounded the corner, a left turn, my right foot landed wrong, my ankle and foot sort of rolled and down I fell. I’m always having this sort of problem with my right foot. Talk about overpronation. I landed on my left knee and right hand. Luckily I was holding my water bottle in my right hand and that broke the fall and nothing serious happened to my wrist. My left knee is just a bit scraped up.

This was a decent post-20 miler run. My only tough spot was a pretty decent hill from mile 2.23 – 3.16 which slowed me down for a bit and kept me at a 10:12 pace, but the rest of my run I ranged between 9:26-9:56. Final mile was 8:52 with the last two quarter miles at 8:30 and 7:25 pace respectively. I guess I always have this thing about ending my runs with a sprint.

And as far as DOMS and my 20 miler, still no soreness. Yay!


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  1. sauconRunner August 26, 2008 at 2:21 pm #

    Be careful. Falling sucks.

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