And Yet Another Change

5 Mar

On another note … after a lot of brainstorming – lots and lots of it – I have finally come up with a catchy name that I like, my internet name if you will. Once upon a time I use to go by the name “bakergirl” because that’s what I was, a baker, a pastry chef. Over the past few years it didn’t seem to apply to me anymore so I stopped using it. I racked my brain for a long time and could never come up with anything cute or catchy enough that I liked. Last year I bought a domain name and had a website. I gave it a year and it didn’t really do anything but sit there and I didn’t do much about driving people my way except for a flier I hung at the gym once. My idea was to start a web of female runners in my area who could connect with each other and run together. Like I said, it didn’t go anywhere and I didn’t pursue it very hard. The URL was Cute, huh? This morning I had an idea, why not use Sneaker Sister as my internet name? The name I use on my blog and on running forums and just my general web name. You know what I mean. So, I checked and it was available on blogger, so I’m moving my running junk to this new spot:

And to all of my internet friends who recently followed me from my last URL change a couple weeks ago, I apologize. I am sorry to force you to, yet again, change your links to my blog. But thanks for switching anyway. You guys are the best!


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  1. joyRuN March 6, 2009 at 12:35 am #

    Thanks for coming by today.I like “sneaker sister” :)It’s hard to corral female runners together, I think. We have too much stuff going on!

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