Racking Up The Miles

3 Apr

The last couple of days have been pretty good as far as my running is concerned. The weather has been idyllic, I couldn’t ask for anything better than shorts and short sleeves at 6am and a cool breeze. I am feeling strong and ready.  At this point all of my training is done and in the next three weeks I will be fine tuning my current fitness. I feel very good about how I’ve trained this cycle, especially about throwing out my training plans and trusting myself with what I’m doing. I’ve had some good talks with a couple local coaches lately which made me feel good about how I’ve trained in this cycle. I have really enjoyed experimenting with things and even though I’ve been here blogging about my running I’ve kept it to myself outside of the blog. Having something else (website) to focus on has really helped me stay focused on my training in a weird sort of way. I have barely second-guessed what I’m doing. The only thing I’ve questioned was how to run this upcoming half marathon. I have gone back and forth a few times but have finally settled it in my mind that I really should use it as a training run, meaning I’ll use those 13 miles as MP miles. It’s the smart choice.

With all of this intense training and such narrow focus on the marathon I have found that I really miss the freedom of smaller goals and shorter race distances. I’d love to go race a 5k some weekend, they are a dime a dozen right now, but that would throw such a kink in my main goal. I’m really going to enjoy more carefree running and spur of the moment races this summer.

I’ve been taking my dog along with me on my Saturday runs. We made our way over to the Parkway without realizing it was opening day of fishing season. The paths were packed! I ran into Bob in the first mile and stopped to walk and talk for a bit before setting off for a 6 mile loop. Zeke always pulls me along for the first three miles of our runs until he settles into an easier pace and I end up pulling him along. He did very well today as the park was packed not only with fishermen but with twice as many runners as I normally see on a Saturday. Maybe even more. I’m thinking everyone is planning a day off tomorrow because of Easter so they ran today. Tomorrow morning it should be nice and empty at the park when I meet up with Maureen for our long run. I have 22 miles on the schedule for tomorrow. I can’t wait.


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  1. Bob April 3, 2010 at 9:20 pm #

    That’s why I was there – I was driving by and couldn’t figure out the huge crowd at first. I thought of the web site, as in “there was no race listed on LVRS!” Right about where I ran into you it dawned on me that it was opening day of trout season. Duh.

    Got over about an hour later for a nice 6.2. Great weather.

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