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Watching The Sun Rise Is Exactly How You Should Start Your Day

9 Oct

Yes, early morning running is where it’s at, for me at least. I’ve been talking about morning vs. afternoon running all week and today’s run snagged it for me. My sweet spot is in the early morning after one cup of coffee. The temperature was about 55° and in the middle of my run it started to mist for the rest of the time. My absolute favorite runs are in mild temperatures with a mist to cool me off, so today’s run goes down in the books as a winner.

According to UPS my new sneakers are out for delivery. That means that at 4:00 pm the UPS truck will be stopping outside my house and dropping off a package. I’m so excited. Don’t you just love new shoes? And the best part is that within the next several days I should be getting an email from with a discount code for my next pair which I plan to order in a couple weeks. I have had the best luck with ordering my running shoes from this website. The prices are perfect and the shoes have always been great.

Good luck weekend racers!


Slugging Along In Mile One

6 Aug

I have yet to give an official review of the compression socks I bought last month. I have been wearing them after speed sessions and long runs but I have yet to notice if they do anything other than keep my lower legs warm. Then again, it’s not like I’m marathon training and dealing with tired legs like last year. My speed sessions never produce tired or achy legs. My long runs haven’t been too tough on me this summer. So, the jury is still out on the compression socks. I will defer my judgement for another day.

Yesterday was the first official speed session with my new racing flats. I didn’t even notice anything special about them, which is a good thing. That means they feel great, fit perfectly and I have no issues with them. I mean, you definitely notice how light they are when you first put them on, no doubt about that. But after a while you just get use to that and sort of forget.

compressions socks – 0
racing flats – 1

I didn’t hear my alarm this morning and I had it set for something like 5:50 am. That’s sleeping in for me. My husband had to nudge me and tell me that my alarm was on. I sleepily wandered downstairs and drank a half a cup of coffee before heading out for my run. That was one of my tougher first miles in a long time simply because I was tired and not fully woken up yet. I did my good mornings, not too happily, and then pulled out a really slow, uphill first mile in 9:23. Wow. I never have a mile that slow except on my Sunday long runs. Oh well, I decided to just run a very relaxed 4 to 5 miler and let my body do what it wanted to do. No need to push anything two days out from a race.

I guess my body woke up because the rest of the run felt super easy, my inner mana just poured out and I was floating along. Nice! 8:41-8:36-8:37-8:24 Just floating along. In my groove. Temps were cool, sporadic sprinkles came down from the sky. This ended up being a really nice run.

My back is feeling much, much better than it did a week ago. Or rather, my SI joint. I am heading back to the chiropractor later this morning for another quick adjustment but that should be it.

Running in Racing Flats

23 Jul

Look what arrived yesterday … my new racing flats. They are the Saucony Women’s Fastwitch 2. 9 hours too late for yesterday’s interval workout but they’re here, at last. The first thing I noticed immediately was how light they were – 7.6 ounces. I can’t wait to see how that translates over on race day, running in a lighter shoe. (It’s hard to imagine that the FW3 is even lighter at 6 ounces!) They are nice and snug, and I also noticed that unlike my trainers, these don’t have a leather (or pleather) wrapped toe, it’s all mesh. I then flipped these girls upside down to check out the sole.

Inscribed within the sole it says “running is a way of life … a commitment to yourself … judged only by you …”

(Click picture to enlarge)

and then under the heal it says “… giddy up!”

And the best part of all is I finally got a pair of running shoes that are red. My favorite color!

Obviously, I had to take them out for a spin this morning. I wish I had a little more juice in these legs but that track session yesterday zapped them a bit (not sore but a little tired) and today was just an easy 4+ mile run. I did get down to 6:40 (pace) at the end of the run and I was walking on air I tell you. Next week’s track session should be fun with the new kicks.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday. It’s actually been quite shocking to me how all of this speedwork helps my running. I am glad, however, that I did hold off on doing it until now, giving my body two years to prepare for it. It is so fun and challenging and if you are a competitive runner, as I’m certain a number of you are, you will love how it makes you work to hit your goals. A year ago my friend sauconRunner was doing track workouts and kept going on and on about how much she loved the track. I would think to myself, “You’re crazy girl! Better you than me.” sauconRunner, if you are reading this, I eat my words. I love the track, too.

Racing Flats

15 Jul

I ordered my first pair of racing flats yesterday. I went with Saucony Fastwitch 2’s. I realize they are an older model as the Fastwitch 3’s are already out on the shelves but what that means is that the 2’s can be found for a cheaper price. I scored mine over at for $69 with FREE shipping. I love FREE. 2-7 days shipping, I hope they arrive sooner rather than later. The difference in weight between the 2’s and 3’s is 1.7 oz., the 2’s being the heavier of the two at 7.6 oz. It’s still lighter than my Puma’s which are 8.6 oz. so I figure I’ll give these a try and when it comes time to replace them I’ll go with the FW 3.

Ended up with an easy run just shy of 6 miles this morning. It was much warmer out, 70*. That’s almost 20* warmer than it has been lately at 6:30 am. A sudden jump in temperatures in just one day can be rough on the body for sure. By the end of the run I was wishing I had some water and the hills I had to climb in order to get back home were just a bit harder today. After my run I changed into my bathing suit in record time and jumped into the pool. Talk about refreshing!

And here is where I make a plea for some blog suggestions, currently I have 60 in my reader only about half of those peeps blog on a regular basis. And just a handful blog on a daily basis. I need some more reading material and I’m asking for your suggestions. What are your top 3 favorite blogs that you read on a regular basis? Leave a comment with your favs and if you aren’t on my list yet, then let me know.

Have a good one!

New Shoes

29 Apr

Well, they’re here, the pair of New Balance shoes that I won on the Runners Lounge. Remember my post about the good luck fairy? I was anxious about what kind of shoe I would get. Were they going to be comparable to what I’m running in now (Saucony Guide 2)? Would I be able to return them? Was I getting an actual shoe sent to me or a voucher I could take to a LRS or use online? So many questions.

I never even heard the UPS guy ring the doorbell. I was taking some stuff out to the garage and happened to look down near the door and saw a box I hadn’t noticed before. Did DH put that there last night? So, I reached down and saw that it was all taped up and had my name on it. My shoes!

The first thing I did was log onto the New Balance website and search for the model, 769. Yes, before even trying them on I wanted to see if they were something I was even going to consider keeping.

Hmm, stability.
Are my current shoes a stability shoe?

Let’s check.
Why, yes they are.

So, I strap those puppies on my feet to see how they feel.
They feel okay.

The next thing I do is call the running store.
You guys sold me a pair of Saucony Guide and I just won these New Balance 769’s. How do they compare?

The guys tells me that they are even with the Guide. And the 769 is the comparable model they carry to the Guide.

Okay, cool.
So, now, do I want a running shoe or a trail shoe? That’s the question. I can just take these over to the New Balance store and trade, I’m sure. I mean, why couldn’t I?

So, this is what I will be deciding in the next couple of days.


Just called the local New Balance store. No, I cannot exchange the shoes. Apparently, the stores are all independently owned and they will not accept a trade, even though these shoes were shipped directly to me from New Balance. Hey, who needs you?

I think I’ll try the local running store. They carry this line and model, so maybe they’ll do a trade. –> Nope, they won’t do it either. Oh well. At least it’s a model comparable to my Guide and they were free! Can’t argue with that.

Live hard and run strong.” – sneakersister
(yea, that’s my motto)

Back in the game, at last

16 Feb

Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything about my running. Mostly because I just haven’t felt like it. A few different things have been standing in the way of blogging about my running. First, I haven’t been doing much running in the last couple of weeks and have been full of worry and depression. I finally started building a little base and once I hit a 20 mile week I began having leg issues. First it felt like tendinitis, then shin splints, but also I had exaggerated ITB aching and then pain on the inside of my knee as well. All in the right leg. Next it was my right ankle. What the hell!!?? These shoes only have 100 miles on them. This should not be happening. Continue reading

Cry Baby

19 Sep

So, I called my local running store this morning because I’ve been looking back at my running log and my notes about my shins and realized that this all came about when my new shoes came into the picture. They told me to bring the shoes in, which I did, and now I’m back. They took one look at my Mizuno’s and said they were too much of a shoe for me. After listening to my symptoms they were convinced and I traded in my Mizuno’s for another pair of Puma Magnetist’s. I’m sticking with the Puma’s from now on.

I felt like such a baby in the store, sitting there in tears about how much my legs hurt and how my running came to a startling halt this week. My legs felt a million times worse the second I put my Mizuno’s on to show the running store people. How am I going to run this weekend?

I know one thing for sure. Next week is another rest week. A day or two of cross training just to keep the muscles moving, but nothing strenuous. Hopefully that will do the trick.