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Weekly Wrap Up

4 Apr

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 60.3 miles

Total Time Working Out:
8 hours 47 minutes

I was curious whether or not I had ever hit 60 miles of running in one week and after looking back through my logs the answer is no. I was on target for a 63 mile week last fall while training for Philly but decided to take an extra day off and ended up with my previous all-time high of 56 miles.

How do I feel? Great. Continue reading


Monthly Wrap Up

31 Mar

This month flew by, didn’t it? March was a weird month. A bit opposite of the old adage, it came in more like a lamb and out like a lion. This was  a very solid training month for me. My body is feeling strong and ready for the final push. No aches, no pains – knock on wood. I’m feeling good about my workouts and especially about my long runs. I was able to get in an 18 and a 20 mile run, both with some fast miles thrown into the mix making them resemble a second workout for the week, especially so with that 20 miler. I’ve been consistent with my Tuesday and Thursday mid-week long runs, ranging 8-10 miles twice a week. In April I will be pushing those mid-week runs into the 10-12 mile range.

Monthly Totals:
Runs – 213.75 miles

Total Time Working Out: 31 hours Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

28 Mar

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 50 miles

Total Time Working Out: 7 hours 23 minutes

In the past few weeks I have been very consistent with my overall paces, keeping them all about the same from week to week. Every 5 weeks or so I like to push all my runs past my normal thresholds for one week and then cut back as a way to improve my fitness. Last week was one of my speedier weeks and I posted my mileage and paces last Sunday to show you how I periodically push things. This past week was my week of cutting back paces although the mileage stayed consistent at 50 miles. I kept the paces on the slow side in order to help my body recover quicker, especially from that 20 mile workout. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

21 Mar

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 53.3 miles

Total Time Working Out: 7 hours 30 minutes

I’m back up into the 50’s again. This has been a very interesting week for me. I felt like I was running everything as I normally do and with the same effort levels but a couple of the runs turned out a bit speedier than normal. I’m not worrying about it. I’m still feeling like a million bucks and as strong as ever. Because of that I made an extra effort to keep a proper recovery pace on Friday which I did. I try to keep at least one good recovery run in my schedule from week to week. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

14 Mar

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 46 miles

Total Time Working Out: 6 hours 50 minutes

I decided to take this week easy and actually make it a cut-back week, although I didn’t end up cutting too much mileage out. Typically I don’t do this and since I’ve been plugging away so steadily for the past month or so I decided to give my body a little break and run everything really easy after that most excellent interval workout on Tuesday. I skipped Saturday’s run because I didn’t feel like facing the rain (it was pretty nasty out) and didn’t feel like rushing around to get the workout in for the day. I attended an Endurance Sport Expo in Philly, did some networking, swapped business cards and hopefully picked up a couple advertisers for my website. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

7 Mar

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 50.27 miles

Total Time Working Out: 7 hours 9 minutes

I am very happy with how this past week went. 50 miles this week felt really easy. I don’t even feel like I ran that far. An awesome and impromptu speed session on Wednesday gave me a lot of confidence about how I’ve been training. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

28 Feb

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 51 miles

Total Time Working Out: 7 hours 22 minutes

I know, it’s been a little boring around here lately.  I give you a brief summary of my week and let you in on my speedwork sessions, but where’s all the other stuff lately, right? It’s become predictable and boring. I can see you’re losing interest. Continue reading