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Weekly Wrap Up

4 Apr

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 60.3 miles

Total Time Working Out:
8 hours 47 minutes

I was curious whether or not I had ever hit 60 miles of running in one week and after looking back through my logs the answer is no. I was on target for a 63 mile week last fall while training for Philly but decided to take an extra day off and ended up with my previous all-time high of 56 miles.

How do I feel? Great. Continue reading


Racking Up The Miles

3 Apr

The last couple of days have been pretty good as far as my running is concerned. The weather has been idyllic, I couldn’t ask for anything better than shorts and short sleeves at 6am and a cool breeze. I am feeling strong and ready.  At this point all of my training is done and in the next three weeks I will be fine tuning my current fitness. I feel very good about how I’ve trained this cycle, especially about throwing out my training plans and trusting myself with what I’m doing. I’ve had some good talks with a couple local coaches lately which made me feel good about how I’ve trained in this cycle. I have really enjoyed experimenting with things and even though I’ve been here blogging about my running I’ve kept it to myself outside of the blog. Having something else (website) to focus on has really helped me stay focused on my training in a weird sort of way. I have barely second-guessed what I’m doing. The only thing I’ve questioned was how to run this upcoming half marathon. I have gone back and forth a few times but have finally settled it in my mind that I really should use it as a training run, meaning I’ll use those 13 miles as MP miles. It’s the smart choice. Continue reading

Tempo Thursday

1 Apr

Today promises to be warm, a very welcome change from the wind and rain that we’ve had lately. I was expecting relatively mild temperatures this morning and luckily Zeus came through. I was even able to run in short sleeves after my warm up miles from home to the Parkway. It’s an easy 2 mile jaunt from my house to the Fish Hatchery where I ditched my water and long sleeve shirt before setting off for 5 tempo miles.

I had no particular goal today but as I set off I figured anything between 7:30-7:40 would be cool with me. Continue reading

Monthly Wrap Up

31 Mar

This month flew by, didn’t it? March was a weird month. A bit opposite of the old adage, it came in more like a lamb and out like a lion. This was  a very solid training month for me. My body is feeling strong and ready for the final push. No aches, no pains – knock on wood. I’m feeling good about my workouts and especially about my long runs. I was able to get in an 18 and a 20 mile run, both with some fast miles thrown into the mix making them resemble a second workout for the week, especially so with that 20 miler. I’ve been consistent with my Tuesday and Thursday mid-week long runs, ranging 8-10 miles twice a week. In April I will be pushing those mid-week runs into the 10-12 mile range.

Monthly Totals:
Runs – 213.75 miles

Total Time Working Out: 31 hours Continue reading


30 Mar

It was raining all day long. My only opportunity to run outside was between 12:30-2:30 this afternoon so I decided to wait and see if the rain would stop or at least slow down so that I could get my miles in. Instead of stopping or slowing down the rain came down even harder. The treadmill it was! 8 miles instead of my scheduled 10 but I’ll take it.

The highlight of my day: stepping on the scale and finally weighing in at my pre-pregnancy weight, at last! That was the best birthday gift ever. (I’ve waited 7 long years for this.) I’m down 5 lbs from last fall which makes me seriously happy. Less weight = faster times. Right?

Weekly Wrap Up

28 Mar

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 50 miles

Total Time Working Out: 7 hours 23 minutes

In the past few weeks I have been very consistent with my overall paces, keeping them all about the same from week to week. Every 5 weeks or so I like to push all my runs past my normal thresholds for one week and then cut back as a way to improve my fitness. Last week was one of my speedier weeks and I posted my mileage and paces last Sunday to show you how I periodically push things. This past week was my week of cutting back paces although the mileage stayed consistent at 50 miles. I kept the paces on the slow side in order to help my body recover quicker, especially from that 20 mile workout. Continue reading

Mile Repeats

25 Mar

The last time I did mile repeats was back on January 19th. My splits for that workout were: 7:09 – 7:01 – 7:00. After two more months of serious training I should have reaped at least some benefits from all the miles and speedwork, right? So, I was expecting, at the very least, to be faster this time. I like to use mile repeats as a test of my fitness periodically, I’ll work them into my schedule every 6-8 weeks to see how my training is going. Continue reading