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Need Some Inspiration?

4 Feb

I just got the newest issue of Running Times in the mail today.  I don’t know about you guys but the first thing I do is page through the entire magazine and read the article titles and headlines to see what kind of good reading I have over the next couple of days. I got to page 48 and noticed a really nice spread on Ed Whitlock. I blogged about this guy last March, he is truly an inspiration. At 78 years old he runs a 3:04:54 marathon. This will definitely be the first article I delve into. Continue reading


All I Want For Christmas …

18 Dec

With the big holiday only one week away I’ve been giving some thought to what I want most for Christmas.

  • a tech fabric headband/ear warmer thingy. My fleece headbands are way too hot once I get warmed up.
  • Nathan Quickdraw Elite handheld water bottle
  • a year of PR’s and personal bests
  • all my race fees paid for
  • running tights
  • get into a wear tester program
  • a mild winter
  • lots of nights in front of the fire, toasting marshmallows and making s’mores – my favorite winter activity

Boston Bound

3 Dec

Two weeks ago I ran my first marathon and qualified for the Boston Marathon at the same time. It has been a long journey getting to this point, not devoid of hurdles along the way. The road was riddled with minor injuries (shin slints, ITBS) and one big one (stress fracture.) The biggest lesson that I have learned from my running is patience. One cannot become that runner that you imagine yourself to be overnight. It takes weeks and years of gradual training and hitting specific milestones along the way before even coming near the runner you aspire to be. Continue reading

Monday Musings

16 Nov

A year ago I was half-heartedly maintaining a training thread over at Runners World’s forums for the Philadelphia Marathon. That was to be my first marathon but I was sitting it out due to a tibial stress fracture. (Damn the local running store employee who sold me the wrong shoes. Forever!) I was also acting as cheerleader to my running partner who was injury free and would be running the marathon as her first. It all felt so surreal to me. I was missing out on awesome Fall weather, functioning in this quasi-cloud of depression and indifference, and I wasn’t running. I didn’t run for six weeks. I joined the gym so that I could at least cross-train but that was a laugh. The holidays came and went and I still hadn’t gone to the gym, not once. I was enjoying sitting on the couch and eating bon bons, so to speak. So, six weeks out of the game and from weeks 7-10 I logged about one to two miles per week, testing things out but not ready to jump back into it. Oh, and my doctor told me to hold off. Continue reading

Monday Musings

2 Nov

Here I am on my first official day of tapering and I’m celebrating it with a rest day. Some people really hate Mondays but I absolutely love them! I’m feeling extremely good after yesterday’s long run. My legs are happy, no pains, no DOMS. This is a good sign.

I’ve been scouring my books and the internet for any and all information about tapering. One thing that I am really good at is research. I am constantly reading anything I can get my hands on as it pertains to running. I keep copies of all sorts of training plans, ideas and information, most of which I will never actually use except to refer to from time to time. I inevitably end up transforming a training plan into something it no longer resembles in it’s original form. That’s okay. In my mind that’s the way it should be. We should not be slaves to canned plans. We should allow for changes due to life outside of running as well as assessing our bodies and fitness. I like to be informed. And so, I’ve been reading up on tapering. Continue reading

Monday Musings

26 Oct
A couple of thoughts about yesterday’s long run:
  • I did not target a pace for this run. Right from the start I decided I would just do what my body wanted to do and did not even pay attention to my Garmin except for the mileage. My average pace for the run was 9:15 minute miles which is an entire minute faster than my 20 milers a year ago. I was not trying to do that but it just goes to show that all of my training since June is paying off. Thanks again Coach!
  • After I hit 20 miles and then tackled “the hill” (the dreaded hill!!!) I decided I would kick it up a notch in my last mile, just to see if I could. 8:29 felt good but I was still holding back for fear of overdoing things since I have a full week ahead of me.
  • I met up with a guy and ran with him for a mile from M15-16 and we chatted for a bit. He’s much older and was telling me about his running history: multiple marathons, 2:50 marathoner in his day. He’s still running while a lot of his buddies have stopped. He’s a 5k-er now. I love running alone, but I also love having company on the way. Continue reading

Monday Musings

12 Oct

Taper time!

Okay, I’m laying it all out on the table. This is what my week is suppose to look like:

Mon – rest
Tue – 6-ish miles with 4×800’s
Wed – 4 mi
Thu – 5 mi
Fri – 3 mi
Sat – 2 mi
Sun – 13.1 race with warm up and cool down miles

Will I stick to this? I don’t know, but in practicing control, I will do my best. Continue reading