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Beware: The Ugly Race Photo

21 Oct

There is a running joke (not a “running joke” but an ongoing joke) in my house. Put me in front of the camera and I am sure to mess up the photo. That is why I am always behind the camera and you rarely see a photograph of me. I can snap some really nice images but I take horrible pictures!! My husband gets a good laugh at every photograph with me in it.

I’m not kidding.

I hate getting my picture taken because I don’t know how to smile and I always look pained and horrible.

Case in point, I never publish race photos of myself but I thought I’d start publishing all of my ugly race photos. They can’t get any worse, believe me. I’ve actually come to feel that it’s hilarious. I search through the race photos and get a good laugh. Well, I figured I’d just put it all out there, all those aweful photos. How much worse can it get? Enjoy! The only decent one is the first one which was a 2 mile race with my dog.