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Superbowl 10k

7 Feb

A storm rolling into town two days prior to this race was a definite monkey wrench in my preparation for this race. I tapered and ran much shorter and easier miles this past week, even my speed session was toned down from my usual workouts. I was feeling really good all week until that snow storm but luckily we didn’t get hit the way I was expecting from all the hype. The old ruler in the snow test showed we got 6 inches which was completely fine in my book. The streets were clear for the most part, we had some slush but no ice which was my main concern.

My goal going into this race was 47:00. I was even hesitant about that time but good ole CoachC was right a couple weeks ago when she predicted I just might surprise myself. Continue reading


Christmas City Classic, 2009

12 Dec

I’ve run this race once before in 2007 when I was still fresh to the racing scene. The Christmas City Classic is a 5 mile race with a large descent in the first mile which you must ascend in the final mile. As I’ve said before, hills are hard to avoid in this area, especially in Bethlehem. Just check out the elevation profile below. Ending with this kind of elevation in such a short race is not an easy task. Since I am a completely different runner than I was two years ago I knew that I would easily break that old PR (43:49) but I wasn’t expecting much from myself as far as what I am capable of doing. My only goal was to run a 38 minute at worst and a 37 minute race at best. This is not a PR course in regards to the distance. If you want to achieve your best possible 5 mile race this is not the race for you. It’s simply a local race which only a handful of locals show up to run from year to year. Continue reading

Philadelphia Marathon

23 Nov

Those of you have been reading my blog for the past year know the story. I was registered for this marathon in 2008 but never reached the starting line. I was fitted in the wrong shoes (too much support) and developed a tibial stress fracture in late September which kept me on the sidelines for the next 12 weeks. My return to running in the beginning of 2009 was very slow. After a couple months of inactivity I was very conservative in my return to running but was plagued with shin splints for the first couple of months. I backed off the running even more and focused on biking while the shin splints healed. By June I was ready to start training, my eye was on a Fall half marathon season. With the help of my friend, CoachC, I trained hard all summer and was set for a 1:45 half marathon. As you know, we can train our hearts out but race day is always a gamble. I had unfavorable weather at both half marathon attempts this year but set a new PR of 1:47:18. In 2010 I will get that 1:45. Continue reading

ORC Seaside Half Marathon

18 Oct

I had all kinds of lovely titles thought up for this post. Hmmm, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” was one of them. Another one was “I’ve got one word for you … ”

Let’s start off with I’ve got one word for you.


Gusts up to 30+ miles per hour kind of wind.

Not fun.

Now, the other working title: I came, I saw, I conquered. Continue reading

Harrisburg Half Marathon

13 Sep

Registration Fee: $40
Weather: 64° at start, 70° at finish
PR: Priceless

Well, it’s not the race I wanted, but I’ll take the PR. It was warm out there! Running in the direct sun, people were dropping out and almost everyone was off their paces. At the end of the race this is all I heard. In fact, as I was ending my race and coming down the finish chute there was a guy, some poor guy, who was on the ground, literally 10 feet from the finish line. 10 feet! He was struggling to stand, kept falling back to the ground and the paramedics had to help him off the course. Continue reading

Blue Eagle 5k

8 Aug

6:20 – wake up
6:30 – eating oatmeal, waiting for coffee to brew
6:45 – ah! coffee’s ready
7:30 – start my drive to Nazareth
8:05 – head out for a 2 mile warm up

9:00 – So, there I was, toeing the line along with 219 other racers. I swear, the entire Nazareth Cross Country team was in front of me. Sun shining, 66* out and 57% relative humidity. In other words, a perfect scenario. I’ve got pacers in front of me, undulating neighborhood streets to run on and race day nerves like you wouldn’t believe. I stood there and calmed myself down, “it’s just a short little race”, I tell myself. No big deal. Continue reading

PDR – Can I really do a marathon?

21 Sep

I’m not ready to formulate any decent thoughts about the PDR other than to say I’m very disappointed but I’ll live to PR in 2009.

So the down and dirty: Continue reading