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Superbowl 10k

7 Feb

A storm rolling into town two days prior to this race was a definite monkey wrench in my preparation for this race. I tapered and ran much shorter and easier miles this past week, even my speed session was toned down from my usual workouts. I was feeling really good all week until that snow storm but luckily we didn’t get hit the way I was expecting from all the hype. The old ruler in the snow test showed we got 6 inches which was completely fine in my book. The streets were clear for the most part, we had some slush but no ice which was my main concern.

My goal going into this race was 47:00. I was even hesitant about that time but good ole CoachC was right a couple weeks ago when she predicted I just might surprise myself. Continue reading


Superbowl 10k

3 Feb

I’m back from my first 10k race. I did okay, could have done better. Maybe I shouldn’t have ran the course yesterday at a moderate pace. Live and learn. This course is 3 miles uphill followed by 3 miles downhill. Actually, about a mile flat, then 2 uphill miles, 2 downhill miles and another flat mile. I actually raced up the hills pretty well. I definitely need to start more hill training. Check. I got a sharp side sticker on the right side during the 4th mile and that slowed me down. That’s when I told my friend/training partner to go ahead without me. She ended up finishing about 2 minutes ahead of me. The fact that I am now exhausted and ready to put my feet up for the rest of the day is a testament to how I ran today. My goal was 50:00 even. I missed that. Feeling a bit disappointed but otherwise I’m pretty happy with how I did.

Mile 1: 8:13 (too fast of a start, I was hoping for 8:45)
Mile 2: 8:31 (first hill)
Mile 3: 8:26 (more hills)
Mile 4: 8:53 (side sticker)
Mile 5: 8:08
Mile 6: 8:09
Mile 6.2: 7:33 (kickin’ it at the end)

Finishing Time: 51:30

I’m very happy that I was under the 9:00 minute mark the entire race.
I’m happy that my average pace was about 8:19 minute/mile.
The 2 mile warm up helped me out.

Yesterday I ran most of the course, 5.86 miles total.
M1: 8:59
M2: 8:40 (hill)
M3: 8:39 (more hills)
M4: 8:33
M5: 7:47
M 5.86: 8:09

I will be analyzing this during the next few days.

Happy running!