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Emmaus 4 Miler

13 Apr

Today I surprised myself. I honestly did not think that I would run my race in anything less than 32:xx. I thought I would run about 8:10 minute miles and maybe in the last mile or two hit around 8:00. In the first mile I looked at my watch and I was running 7:52. The next time I looked it said 7:29. I felt good, even slow, but I knew that I couldn’t keep that pace up for 4 miles so I made an effort to slow down. Check. Back to 8:07. But then I’m clocking a 7:20 pace again. I decided to stop looking at my watch and just run. From here on in whenever I did look at my watch I was in the 7:50+ pace range and decided that was it. 3 miles down. Still passing people. In the final mile I kept hearing very heavy breathing behind me and decided to pull away from it. But then the runner caught up to me, passed me, and we played a cat and mouse game until the final quarter mile when she took off. She ended up about 12 seconds ahead of me and we introduced ourselves to each other once we had finished.

So, today’s splits look like this:
Mile 1 – 7:55
Mile 2 – 7:54
Mile 3 – 8:09 (hill)
Mile 4 – 7:47

Final Time: 31:20

Placement Stats:
Overall: 141/393 (36%)
Gender: 34/192 (17%)
Age Group: 7/35 (20%)