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Blue Eagle 5k

8 Aug

6:20 – wake up
6:30 – eating oatmeal, waiting for coffee to brew
6:45 – ah! coffee’s ready
7:30 – start my drive to Nazareth
8:05 – head out for a 2 mile warm up

9:00 – So, there I was, toeing the line along with 219 other racers. I swear, the entire Nazareth Cross Country team was in front of me. Sun shining, 66* out and 57% relative humidity. In other words, a perfect scenario. I’ve got pacers in front of me, undulating neighborhood streets to run on and race day nerves like you wouldn’t believe. I stood there and calmed myself down, “it’s just a short little race”, I tell myself. No big deal. Continue reading


LVRR Summer Series 5k – Race #3

2 Jul

By far, this was my best 5k to date. I got to the Parkway early enough to put in an easy couple of miles to stretch out my legs. I did some stretching and then I ran into MrPH from the running forum I frequent ( We saw loopy at the starting line and went over to say hi to him. (By the way, he kicked butt tonight and placed third. Way to go loopy! MrPH ran a great race as well and got a Masters PR.) Continue reading

LVRR Summer Series 5k – Take 2

5 Jun

I wasn’t sure if I was going to go to my 5k last night due to weather but an hour beforehand it was pretty decent out so I headed over to the park to pick up my bib and jog before the race started. As I picked up my bib inside the RoadRunner clubhouse I ran into loopy from and we chatted for a bit before he headed off for his warmup. I had already run mine as I parked on the other side of the park and jogged to the race. Continue reading

LVRR Summer Series 5k – Take 1

8 May

Okay, so I raced a local 5k last night. I guess I should put together some thoughts about it. The 5k is one of the Lehigh Valley Roadrunners summer series, the first Wednesday of every month from May to August. I figured I’d give it a try and see what happens this summer. They’re the only races I’m going to run in the next 3 months.

My first thought: That was hard! Do I really want to do three more of these?

My second thought: Yea, I’ll run them all. I did a lot of things wrong last night that I’d like to do right next time. Continue reading

Women’s 5k Classic

15 Oct

I ran the Women’s 5k Classic over the weekend. It’s the 4th largest all female running event in the US, supporting breast and other female cancers. This year there were 4500 total entrants, 1189 women ran the 5k. My goal was to finish in under 30 minutes, which I did. However, the field was so crowded, I know I could have done better if there had been fewer runners of if it had been held somewhere else with a more open course. Continue reading