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Philadelphia Marathon Weekend

19 Nov

I traveled to Philadelphia for the weekend to meet up with a bunch of people whom I chat with in a running forum called Some were running the marathon, some the half marathon and some the 8k. Since I’ve only been running for the past 7 months I ran the 8k.

I had the most fun that I’ve had in a long time. It was so neat meeting everyone at dinner on Saturday night. I knew the faces and names and now I got to meet them in person. Everyone was just as nice as they are online, and everyone was pretty much the same and just what I expected. In fact, on Saturday night I couldn’t even fall asleep because I was still so excited and digesting my evening.

I’m very happy with how the race went. I wasn’t racing it to get my fastest time and I think I did pretty well considering. My goal time was 48:00 and I came in just under that, by almost 30 seconds. I approached this race as something fun to do with my friends. Brian, Heather, Norah and I started out together at an easy pace and stuck together until about half-way through. At that point, Brian was ahead of us by about 50-100 feet and then Heather dropped back. When Norah dropped back I decided to sprint up to Brian. At this point I whipped out my camera and started taking some photos. When Brian and I hit mile 4 I sped up. One more mile to the finish line was something I could do a little faster. Still, I wasn’t really pushing myself. Almost at the finish line and some little punk 13yo kid comes up from behind, which is when I really started kicking it in to the finish line. I didn’t catch him, but I did beat my goal time.