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ORC Seaside Half Marathon

18 Oct

I had all kinds of lovely titles thought up for this post. Hmmm, “I came, I saw, I conquered.” was one of them. Another one was “I’ve got one word for you … ”

Let’s start off with I’ve got one word for you.


Gusts up to 30+ miles per hour kind of wind.

Not fun.

Now, the other working title: I came, I saw, I conquered. Continue reading


Harrisburg Half Marathon

13 Sep

Registration Fee: $40
Weather: 64° at start, 70° at finish
PR: Priceless

Well, it’s not the race I wanted, but I’ll take the PR. It was warm out there! Running in the direct sun, people were dropping out and almost everyone was off their paces. At the end of the race this is all I heard. In fact, as I was ending my race and coming down the finish chute there was a guy, some poor guy, who was on the ground, literally 10 feet from the finish line. 10 feet! He was struggling to stand, kept falling back to the ground and the paramedics had to help him off the course. Continue reading

PDR – Can I really do a marathon?

21 Sep

I’m not ready to formulate any decent thoughts about the PDR other than to say I’m very disappointed but I’ll live to PR in 2009.

So the down and dirty: Continue reading

Lehigh Valley Half Marathon

27 Apr

The weather was ideal (46* and overcast), the crowd was enthused and today I raced my first half marathon. My running partner and I emailed back and forth all week discussing our excitement, our strategy, our little aches and pains and finally what we expected as our finish time. Man! Were we dead on! Continue reading