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Philadelphia Marathon

23 Nov

Those of you have been reading my blog for the past year know the story. I was registered for this marathon in 2008 but never reached the starting line. I was fitted in the wrong shoes (too much support) and developed a tibial stress fracture in late September which kept me on the sidelines for the next 12 weeks. My return to running in the beginning of 2009 was very slow. After a couple months of inactivity I was very conservative in my return to running but was plagued with shin splints for the first couple of months. I backed off the running even more and focused on biking while the shin splints healed. By June I was ready to start training, my eye was on a Fall half marathon season. With the help of my friend, CoachC, I trained hard all summer and was set for a 1:45 half marathon. As you know, we can train our hearts out but race day is always a gamble. I had unfavorable weather at both half marathon attempts this year but set a new PR of 1:47:18. In 2010 I will get that 1:45. Continue reading