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Mile Repeats

25 Mar

The last time I did mile repeats was back on January 19th. My splits for that workout were: 7:09 – 7:01 – 7:00. After two more months of serious training I should have reaped at least some benefits from all the miles and speedwork, right? So, I was expecting, at the very least, to be faster this time. I like to use mile repeats as a test of my fitness periodically, I’ll work them into my schedule every 6-8 weeks to see how my training is going. Continue reading


Fun Intervals Session

9 Mar

Since I’ve basically scrapped the very loose plan I was working with up until now I was on the fence about whether I wanted to do an interval workout today or a tempo run. I’m 10 weeks out from the marathon which gives me 7 more weeks to train. I have mainly been focused on interval workouts so far in this training cycle and now I want to focus more on tempo workouts. The only set workouts that I have planned out and to which I will adhere are my long runs. I know what I want to run and how I want to run those and I won’t change them. Last week I talked about how I feel a strong connection between tempo runs and building stamina for the later stages of a marathon. Therefore, I am now switching my focus to tempo runs for the remaining weeks of my training. That’s not to say I will forgo my interval workouts. I still need those but I want to make them both longer and harder. Continue reading

Tuesday Intervals, In The Rain

23 Feb

I have been consistently getting up at 5:00 am every morning for the past few weeks now. Once you create the habit it’s really easy to stick to. In fact, there have been several mornings when I get up at 4:50 am without the alarm and head downstairs to get ready for my morning run. And then Monday rolls around. Monday is my one and only rest day each week. I don’t have to get up, I don’t have to do anything. Sometimes I get up, sometimes I don’t. Continue reading

Tuesday Intervals

16 Feb

Will this winter never end?!?!? A dusting of snow fell overnight creating black ice in some spots. I keep dreaming about summer. Ahh, the heat, the humidity, the clear roads … I suppose we’ve come this far, we can all wait this winter out a little longer. Sometimes it just seems like forever.

The workout: 8-11 miles with 1 mile – 2 mile – 1 mile intervals

Goal: intervals slightly slower than 10k pace Continue reading

Tuesday Intervals

2 Feb

Today’s workout felt easy, almost too easy. I feel like I should have run harder or farther. But, the goal for today was to run an easy, controlled workout in preparation for Sunday’s race. That meant that I wasn’t suppose to push things too hard and I definitely feel like today’s workout was a success.

The workout: 6-ish miles with 3 x ½ mile

Goal: Run a controlled pace. Continue reading

Snowy Intervals

28 Jan

Today was definitely not a good day for speedwork. I opened the door and discovered snow covering the streets and falling from the sky. Great! Thoughts of the treadmill rushed through my mind. No way! I was on that thing for two weeks, I am not doing it. Not this week. And off I went.

Continue reading

Tuesday Intervals

22 Dec

Today’s run signifies Day 1 of my new training cycle. I’m starting things off right with a speed workout. I’ve really, really missed these!

Also, even though it’s still technically 2009 I am going to include this week and next week’s speed workouts as part of my 2010 training.

The workout: 5-ish miles with 3 x 800

Goal: Run each repeat at a perceived 5k pace. Continue reading