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Pre-dawn snowy run with a new RP

3 Feb

I finally called my neighbor, a runner, the other day and asked her if she’d like to meet up a couple mornings a week to run together. I’ve seen her running in the Parkway so I knew she was running in the 9’s and I also knew that running with her would be good for me, it would help slow me down a bit. I’m going to need that once marathon training begins (next week.) We decided Wednesdays and Fridays would work out perfectly for us. She’s even mulling the idea of joining me at the track this summer. Anyway, waking up to snow worried me a bit as I wondered whether or not she’d be at the corner waiting for me or tucked all cozy in her bed. Lucky for me she was waiting, just as planned. I think this is going to work out great. Continue reading


Tuesday Intervals

2 Feb

Today’s workout felt easy, almost too easy. I feel like I should have run harder or farther. But, the goal for today was to run an easy, controlled workout in preparation for Sunday’s race. That meant that I wasn’t suppose to push things too hard and I definitely feel like today’s workout was a success.

The workout: 6-ish miles with 3 x ½ mile

Goal: Run a controlled pace. Continue reading

My Bags Are Packed, I'm Ready To Go

21 Nov

I slept horribly last night! I had pasta for dinner last night, topped with shiitake mushrooms and sundried tomates, lathered in garlic olive oil. So good! Except I ate way too many mushrooms and they sat in my stomach all night long. They are still there feeling all heavy and not leaving enough room in my stomach for breakfast. Nice, huh?

I think I ended up with between 4-5 hours of sleep total and not quite all of that was very restful. Lots of dreams going on in there. I got up around 5:30. Enough was enough already. The first thing I do each morning is check the outside thermometer just outside my kitchen door. 39°. After turning on the computer I checked the temperature on, it said 40°. Once again it was pretty dead on. I have been checking the current temperature readings on against my outdoor thermometer in the mornings and before all of my runs for the past many weeks and they always coincide perfectly. What this means is that I am going to trust tomorrow morning’s forecast in Philly.

7 am – 42°
8 am – 44°
9 am – 46°
10 am – 49°
11 am – 51°

It can’t get any better than that. That is exactly what I have been hoping for.

Philly, here I come!


20 Nov

My week of controlled running has been a success. I finished things off this morning with a 4 mile recovery run just to keep the legs moving, finishing my week with 21 easy and controlled miles. I am feeling rested, my legs are ready to run, and my excitement is finally beginning to build.

I can’t wait to hit the expo tomorrow morning and meet up with the folks I’ve been virtually training with on the Runners World forums, grab some lunch at the Reading Terminal (I love that place!) and then meet up with a couple fellow forumites from Kickrunners for pre-race dinner. Race morning I’m meeting up with a High School classmate of mine whom I haven’t seen in 22 years but have been talking with on Facebook for the past year. We’re planning on running together. This is going to be a really fun weekend! Now all I have to do is pack.

Packing List:

sneakers (NB769)
shorts (black UA)
short sleeve shirt (teal UA)
arm sleeves
race belt
S! Caps
Powerbar gels
Nathan handheld
race confirmation email
compression socks
directions for getting around
chocolate Myoplex for after the race
energy bars
couple bottles of water
my happy, confident attitude
all the good vibes received from everyone

Okay, what am I forgetting?

In Control

18 Nov

Numero uno goal this week: practice controlled running.

So far so good. I’ve been keeping my paces in my Happy Pace and Recovery zones. Yesterday I threw two tempo miles (8:00/7:51) in the middle of my 7 miler and this morning I laid down a perfect 4 mile recovery run.

My personal pace zones:
Snail’s Pace
Speedy Gonzalez
Bat Out Of Hell

Yesterday I ran in the Parkway around 12:30 pm and it was warm out. This morning I headed out as the sun was on the rise (beautiful sunrise!) and those temps were more like it, 38°. I think I’ll finish out the rest of the week with morning runs so that my body is use to the cool early temps.

All systems a go!

Monday Musings

16 Nov

A year ago I was half-heartedly maintaining a training thread over at Runners World’s forums for the Philadelphia Marathon. That was to be my first marathon but I was sitting it out due to a tibial stress fracture. (Damn the local running store employee who sold me the wrong shoes. Forever!) I was also acting as cheerleader to my running partner who was injury free and would be running the marathon as her first. It all felt so surreal to me. I was missing out on awesome Fall weather, functioning in this quasi-cloud of depression and indifference, and I wasn’t running. I didn’t run for six weeks. I joined the gym so that I could at least cross-train but that was a laugh. The holidays came and went and I still hadn’t gone to the gym, not once. I was enjoying sitting on the couch and eating bon bons, so to speak. So, six weeks out of the game and from weeks 7-10 I logged about one to two miles per week, testing things out but not ready to jump back into it. Oh, and my doctor told me to hold off. Continue reading

Weekly Wrap Up

15 Nov

It’s been a crazy week around here as far as the weather goes. That seems to be the only thing that’s throwing me off as far as this race is concerned. Is it going to be cold or warm on race day? The current prediction is calling for 48° lows and 54° highs with 60% chance of rain. That prediction will require shorts and a tank for me. It’s a week away and as we all know things can change drastically, or not. Who trusts the weather forecasts anyway? I’ll end up taking a couple different outfits and deciding either the night before or that morning.

Anyway, the week went well as far as my runs. I ran some 5 milers, a couple 8 milers and finished things up with 12 miles this morning. My body is feeling good and I’m trying to hold it back. I’m definitely feeling it peaking. One of my runs this week got away from me and it was faster than I wanted it to be but overall I’ve been able to keep things in check. I am just having a hard time keeping things slow. My body feels uncomfortable and sluggish at the slower paces. When I let it naturally do what it wants to do I’m running faster than I want to be, even though it’s comfortable and my breathing is easy. This coming week is going to be fun and challenging keeping things very controlled but it will all be worth it. As I said to my running partner this morning, just one week of controlled running I can do. Then after this race is done I can do whatever I want to do; run fast, run slow, whatever.

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 44.13 miles

Total Time Working Out:  6 hours 24 minutes