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Weekly Wrap Up

13 Dec

It’s been a good week around here.

  • Since I missed out my long run last Sunday I ran it on Tuesday with a couple mile repeats thrown in there.
  • I signed up for and ran a 5 mile race and got a new PR.
  • I was consistent with the strength training this week, working out three times.
  • Got my marathon photo in the mail this week, my first good race photo.

    Around mile 15

Weekly Totals:
Runs – 31 miles
Bike –  10 minutes
Weights – 55 minutes

Total Time Working Out: 5 hours 40 minutes


Weekly Wrap Up

6 Dec

December has started off slowly for me and I am loving every minute of it; no weekly goals to hit, no plan, just taking things day by day. I was feeling under the weather in the middle of the week and a couple days off did the trick along with the aid of some Golden Seal and Echinacea. Since I only got in one day of weight lifting as opposed to the three on the schedule I will restart the 12 week program tomorrow. Continue reading


4 Dec

I have been following Joe Friel’s blog for the past year or so but recently I have been reading it with a lot more interest than usual. For the past 6 weeks or so he has been discussing end of season training and transitioning into a new training cycle, as well as how to plan for you upcoming training cycle. Joe mostly coach’s triathletes but his training advice is easy enough to translate over into strictly running. One concept of his, and this is not new, which really stuck out for me was what to do at the end of your season. He suggests that this transition period or “off-season” will typically last between 2-6 weeks and that during this time one should just do what you feel like doing from day-to-day. Continue reading